What’s New… Update on Group Composition, Format, & Future Plans

The group has been hard at work developing its advertising plans, and assigning organizational roles. We are looking into various options in both online, and print advertising, as well as the possibility of opening a complete website to host members’ bios, jewelry photos, and links to Etsy. We would like for the site to be fully self-supporting from member contributions and/or adspace rental in a number of creative forms.

We now have a Treasurer, and also a source for a low-cost professional ad to be drawn up, the design of which can then be used for many future online and print purposes.

Committees are being planned to work on various facets of marketing, including researching and attracting a list of gallery clients to Etsy, promo material for show-packets, and identifying and marketing to other untapped demographic populations other than age who are ready, willing, and able to purchase art jewelry, (just to name a few things that are in the works).

We are developing a growing list of ad forms, contracts, and media kits, forming important relationships with ad representatives in a number of places, and assessing which advertising will give us the most bang for our buck, and in which order.


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