What’s New… The Calendar Project: Fundraising for the Holidays

 CAL_CoverThe Art Jewelry Collective is hard at work designing a 2007 calendar bursting with images of our bold and beautiful jewelry.  Pippit (Giftbearer) is heading up this project and found an inexpensive printer that will accomodate our low print run of 15 calendars.  It is our hope that we have the finished printed calendars in our hands well before the holiday selling season is in full swing.  The calendars will be listed for sale in the Art Jewelry Collective’s Etsy shop and all of the proceeds will go towards the AJC advertising budget.  To entice buyers, we will be running a contest where a golden ticket will be placed inside two calendars.  The lucky winners will receive a piece of artisan made jewelry worth over $50 each!   Thank you to Patricia Veneer of Silver Dragon Creations for donating one item for the contest. 



If you are interested in submitting a photo for the calendar, please see the below specs regarding the images and textboxes.  Because there are 12 months in a year, and we have more than 12 members, some of us will have to share a page.  Please let us know if you are willing to share a page with a fellow AJC member.  If you have any questions or problems editing your submissions, please contact Pippit (Giftbearer), Patricia (Silver Dragon Creations) or Kelli (Kelliope handmade nyc).  Also, please check out the AJC Member Guide (scroll down to Professional and Authentic Presentation) for tips on photographing jewelry.  Lastly, we ask that you submit your photos to us no later than Friday, October 20th.  The sooner we receive your submissions, the sooner we go to print, the sooner we get them back, and the sooner we can start selling the calendars and earning profit! 


  • Half Page Layout: 5.125-inches wide x 8.688-inches tall
  • Full Page Layout: 10.5-inches wide x 8.688-inches tall


  • Half Page Layout: 5.125-inches wide x 1.563-inches tall
  • Full Page Layout: 10.5-inches wide x 1.563-inches tall


  • Name of Piece
  • Brief One Sentence Description
  • Name of Artist
  • Etsy Shop Address

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