Flickr Slideshow

I just spent several hours trying to figure out how to input the Flickr Slideshow code.  I think that I’ve finally figured it out.  Check it out:  The images are pulled directly from the Art Jewelry Collective’s Flickr group pool of photos.  To have your images show up in the slideshow, you must first join our Flickr group, which is for AJC members only.  To join, just go to the AJC group page on Flickr and request an invite.  We’ll then approve you so that you can start sharing your images and be a part of this fun interactive advertisng tool! 

AJC Flickr SlideShow Image 1 

AJC Flickr SlideShow Image 2


6 responses to “Flickr Slideshow

  1. I just want to say that the slide show is great!

  2. I just want to say that the slide show looks great!

  3. Thanks June! It definitely wasn’t easy to get that slideshow to function. I’m glad that everyone likes it. 😀

  4. fabulous slideshow!!

  5. Can you please show me where you found the code for the slideshow? I have been batteling with this for some time now.

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