IN THE SPOTLIGHT: the Eclectic Metalsmith by Cheryl Bibeau

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My name is Cheryl Bibeau and I took my first metalsmith class as a way to spend quality time with my college age daughter, Danielle. After two classes together, metals became irresistible and I have continued classes and working with metal ever since. Of all the metals, I find copper warm and ever changing. I can make it soft and malleable; I can make it strong and supportive. As a full-time coppersmith, copper and I are still learning all that we can do together.

My central Massachusetts studio is where I form the etched copper into a variety of jewelry and useful items. Especially enjoyable is creating new designs for cuff bracelets, and rings.

I call my current classes “banging on copper”. With hammers, metal can move into curves and a variety of shapes. Patterns and designs can be hammered onto the metal as well. It will be interesting to see where these new techniques lead me. The possibilities seem endless… 

read the full interview here. 

EclecticMetalsmith- Hand Cut Celtic Dragon Copper Etched Bracelet SzMEclecticMetalsmith- Earrings - Blacklight Bars - Fun and Funky EclecticMetalsmith- PendantSterlingSilverFreeformJasper


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