FEATURED ITEM – Strange and Wonderful Space Orb

Giftbearer- Strange and Wonderful Space Orb 

Many are inspired by flowers, trees and other life on earth.  Giftbearer looked to the heavens and drew inspiration from a galaxy far, far away, resulting in the creation of the Strange and Wonderful Space Orb.  This textured hollowform pendant is artfully casted in sterling silver.  In keeping with the extraterrestial theme, a fiery Australian Opal cabochon is set in a star-shaped bezel setting.   Visit Giftbearer’s shop to view the limited edition collection of Strange and Wonderful Space Orbs each featuring a different stone and its own unusual look. 


3 responses to “FEATURED ITEM – Strange and Wonderful Space Orb

  1. i really love this necklace. can’t wait to see more in the series.

  2. They’re really awesome. Giftbearer has another one with a pink rhodolite garnet. http://giftbearer.etsy.com

  3. tremendous! very modern. love it.

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