FEATURED ITEM – Anemone Hoop Earrings

precious meshes- Anemone Hoop Earrings - Gold and Garnet

A sea anemone is an carnivorous polyp that attracts its prey with many brightly colored tentacles undulating around its mouth.  Fish and crustaceans are lured in and then paralyzed by its sting.  Ah, the power of shiny things.

featured item- precious meshses- Anemone Hoop Earrings - Silver and PearlThese delicate and lacy earrings by Precious Meshes exhibit the same captivating power.  Gold-filled wire is crocheted and draped over handformed hoops.  Tiny budding garnets cap off the ends with a punch of color.   Also available in silver and pearl (right).  Visit http://PreciousMeshes.etsy.com to view the entire collection of delicately crocheted jewelry. 


3 responses to “FEATURED ITEM – Anemone Hoop Earrings

  1. Very nice work that you have featured.

  2. Thanks! In this case the credit is due to Precious Meshes. She has quite a talent for woven metals.

  3. very nice

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