FEATURED ITEM – Midnight Dances

 Featured Item- AFmetalsmith

Midnight Dances: the darkness of night, the shimmer of jewels, the warm glow of candlelight… all swirl together in these earrings, and dance with their movement.

These alluring earrings were crafted by Massachussets artist, AFmetalsmith.  She combined titanium-coated drusy that sparkle and flash shades of blue, purple, and magenta over an indigo base.  The dangling wine garnets were chosen to accent the more magenta shades, while the pearls give movement and a contrast in color and texture. Rich, buttery yellow 18k gold completes the “royal look.”   Visit http://AFmetalsmith.etsy.com to the entire collection of handcrafted metal and gemstone designs. 


3 responses to “FEATURED ITEM – Midnight Dances

  1. I am absolutely enchanted by these earrings. The colors are so rich and intense. They are modern yet classical, as if they belong in a museum.

  2. I couldn’t agree more . . . and I’m a big fan of drusy.
    Beautiful design!

  3. I love the colors too! These would go great with the titanium rings that have the same colored gemstones inlayed in it! You can see them here: http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/titanium-rings2.html

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