Biblical Birthstones

Breastplate of Aaron

The Breastplate of Aaron is believed to be the foundation of the modern birthstones.  This religious armour was set with twelve stones that correspond with the twelve tribes of Israel as well as the signs of the zodiac.  However, different cultures have developed different gemstones lists. is an interactive site that will show you which traditional and non-traditional stones correspond with your specific birthdate.


5 responses to “Biblical Birthstones

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  3. Super article , I think it is all so amazing !

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I too was amazed to learn the story of birthstones. They are so many more than just the traditional 12 that we are familiar with. I’m hoping to add additional insightful and possibly interactive content to this blog soon.

  5. My dream piece will be the 3/4ct TW Solitaria Diamond Engagement Ring.

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