It’s Bracelet Season

Summer is right around the corner.  The weather is warming up and sleeve lengths are on the rise.  Here are some of the hottest bracelets from the Art Jewelry Collective that will accent and accentuate your summer glow. 

   featured item- kelliope    featured item- aliana designs    featured item- eclecticmetalsmith

featured item- jaja  featured item- preciousmeshes  featured item- fruccidesign

featured item- asilomarworks   featured item- thatsheadley   featured item- baxtershouse

featured item- alianadesigns   featured item- jorgensenstudio   featured item- giftbearer



One response to “It’s Bracelet Season

  1. Yes! Everybody needs a new bracelet, or two (or three) as soon as long sleeves disappear! Now why didn’t I think of that?

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