A Flavorful Recipe for Fall

2007-fall-color-forecast.jpgCurry, chili pepper, plum wine, coffee, pumpkin and kale.   These flavorful ingredients represent the tastes and complex color palette of fall.  If the 2007 forecast is correct, this will be a rich and deliciouly spicy season.  

Below are some perfect picks from the Art Jewelry Collective that will warm up your wardrobe as autumn ushers in cooler temperatres.  And be sure to check out Pantone, the color forecasting authority for more information on all the colors for this season




left to right: McFarland Designs, Realisation Creations, Adornment by BJ


5 responses to “A Flavorful Recipe for Fall

  1. Lovely and colourful zesty and vibrant – I hope you are charging a LOT of money for these pieces. If not – you SHOULD be. They are fantastic. You deserve to be well paid for your work so you can invest it back into yourself and become an even better jeewlry designer. Don’t stop – Keep going!!!

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  3. how can i get your product

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  4. Nice……………Great job

  5. Wow, this is really beautiful art jewelry. Love the necklace to the top left – very lovely.

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