GIFT GUIDE: It’s a Ring Thing

Wrap your fingers in luxury. If you’ve got a thing for rings, then check out our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE! We’ve got all shapes, sizes and styles. All handmade.

rob and lean cocobolo, holly, silver ringMcFarland Designs - limey rickey cocktail ringmarie carter - Music RingNinaGibson - Mens Band Ring


5 responses to “GIFT GUIDE: It’s a Ring Thing

  1. Such beautiful rings. Thank you for setting up this shopping guide

  2. Absolutely beautiful jewelry. I really like the ring that looks to be wooden.

  3. Yes, it is wooden… cocobolo and sterling silver to be exact. It’s by Rob and Lean, They work primarily in wood.

  4. I like the ring, it is very nice!

  5. Very useful advices on choosing the pefect ring!Now, i have no doubts about what i need to buy to fit perfectly my girlfriend desire! 🙂

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