Mission Statement


The Art Jewelry Collective (AJC) is a cooperative of artists who make and sell upscale high-qulaity art jewelry and maintain online stores at Etsy.com, a wonderful online marketplace for all things handmade.  We felt that the existing customer-base at Etsy was not meeting our needs, and thus decided to collaborate on targeted advertising to attract buyers who are willing and able to pay what our work is worth. 

The styles and materials used by the various AJC artists are diverse, ranging from precious gemstones and Swarovski crystal, to lampwork and other glass; from ceramic, polymer clay and mixed media, to beadweaving and wirework. We are however united in our commitment to: 

  • quality workmanship and uniqueness
  • professional and authentic presentation
  • excellence in customer service
  • appreciation and preservation of jewelry as a respected art form
  • upholding the standard for a respectable and “living wage”for art jewelry-makers
  • educating potential customers and the general public toward a more qualitative versus quantitative (high volume, low price) mind-set



15 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. I am interested in your group because I believe in you motto of quality vs quantity and am only interested in doing pieces that are one of a kind. I am interested in working with some of the glass bead artists . I joined etsy but have not set up anything yet online but would be happy to send you photos of what I am doing. I like your idea of advertising as a group in Ornament and I am sort of overwhelmed by trying to do Ebay or Etsy because my computer skills are minimal. I do a minimum of pieces and would love to talk to someone about how to proceed with you. I have mentioned this to Eva who is part of your group. Thank you, Rosalie Weiss

  2. Hi Rosalie,

    Thank you for the message. We’d love to see your work. You can either send us a link to your work online, or you can send them in an Etsy Conversation via http://kelliope.etsy.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Rosalie, I’m going to try to find you on Etsy and send a message. What is your user name?

  4. Rosalie Weiss

    Sorry I never saw this until now and that is why you never got an answer. I have still not set up anything but will send you photos tomorrow. What is the email address they should be directed to. I do not understand what a Etsy conversation means. Thanks and sorry Rosalie Could you send something to my email address so that I can send photos of what I do.

  5. Hi Rosalie,

    The convo system is Etsy’s private message system. It only takes a few minutes to set up a free account on Etsy if you don’t currently have one. The Etsy system also allows you to attach photos if you have not had time to start listing items yet in your shop.

    If you would, please attach pictures of your work there. We may start accepting non-Etsy members in the future once we have a free-standing group website (other than our blogs) , but don’t currently.

    Our e-mails (group leaders/officers) are going to soon be inundated with pictures for our upcoming magazine ad, so we really need to keep other stuff to a minimum when at all possible.

    To have your work reviewed please contact me on Etsy for the time being . Just type in Giftbearer once you are registered and that will bring up a box for you to type in and a place to attach pictures below.

    We look forward to seeing your work.


    Pippit Carlington
    The Art Jewelry Collective

  6. Hello,
    I just recently learned of your group and would like to be considered for membership. I certainly agree that my shop on Etsy cannot support the customer base I need to sell my higher end jewelry pieces. I finally had to break down and sell items made from more inexpensive materials to meet the Etsy demand. Although there is a place for that type of jewelry I’d prefer it not be my mainstay. I
    want to maintain the standards I’ve had pre-Etsy…using only precious metals and high quality materials. I’d be happy to send you photographs of my work or you may want to browse my shop for ideas of my style. Thanks for your consideration.


  7. I am an appreciator of what you are working to do. I too make one-of-a-kind pieces, high quality workmanship and materials. Much of my jewelry work is up-scale/high end pricing. Haven’t sold a piece on Ebay, switched to Etsy…where I truly like it better…still no sales for the up-scale buyer.

    Please, tell me what I can do to help in return should you decide to admit me to this group.

    Kind Regards,
    Lily Wrey

  8. Hi Lily,

    You would qualify as far as your work is concerned (especially with that piece using the druzy and Russian twist rope), but your profile says you belong to Etsy Beadweavers, and we had to stop accepting members who belong to more than one team. If you are interested in making AJC your only team you could come in. We have several people who do beadweaving and I believe it is an art that should be preserved and appreciated by the public.

  9. I found your art jewelry blog by chance, and love the quality and creativity of your members. I have also tried to sell on ETSY, but not have had the same success as selling locally face-to-face. I make each jewelry component by hand, then combine the glass beads, silver, and ceramic work into necklaces. I’d love feedback, and to be considered for your collective.
    and nancyvalle is my username at ETSY

  10. Great website. I can be secretive about my stations constituent A JOKE! ) Did you hear about the kid who traded his hotdog for a hamburger?? He was participating in a SWAP MEAT!!!!

  11. Alrighty then! Looks like somebody has had too many of those “special brownies”.

  12. Anyone interested in applying for membership please convo me on Etsy at http://Giftbearer.etsy.com

  13. Thank you for your website 😉
    I made on photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and ect..
    my backgrounds:http://tinyurl.com/6exhae
    all the best and thank you again!

  14. How can I join your collective?
    thank you, laurel Lee

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