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Welcome to the Art Jewelry Collective
Holiday Gift Guide

This season, give your loved ones the heart-felt gift of handcrafted jewelry. All of the pieces in our curated gift guide are artisan-made with meticulous attention to detail. We’ve taken the care to bring you the best we have to offer.

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nina gibson - dress me up cuff         that’s headley Dewdrop Earrings in Sterling Silver and Aquamarine

Adornment for Your Wrist     Adornments for Your Ears

rob and lean cocobolo, holly, silver ring        elements by dawn - Argentium Silver and Solid 14kt Gold Chainmaille Necklace

Adornments for Your Fingers    Adornment for Your Neck


17 responses to “GIFT GUIDE

  1. What an excellent idea

  2. I love that bracelet!

    You chose the perfect piece, Kelli. Already has the bow!!!

    This is an great idea . . . is it a lot of work for you? Want some help?

  3. Yes, isn’t Nina’s bracelet perfect. It’s a bracelet that comes with its own giftwrap. Gosh, I’d love for someone to buy that for me.

    And thanks for the offer Jill. I’d love some help with the Gift Guide. I’ll send you an email.

  4. I absolutely love your choices. Chunky Monkey Bracelet is absolutely stunning. I second Jill’s offer of help, if you still need some.

  5. Thanks Teri! It’s time consuming but fun to go through the members’ shops and see what’s new. Jill photgraphs her work so well. The colors always pop.

    I accept your offer to help with the Gift Guide. I’ll send you an email as well once I get a better plan and template in place. I’m thinking 4 categories and that will include an item from each member. The only stipulation is the work must be well-designed and well-photgraphed. I want this Gift Guide to really pop.

    Maybe we could get a section on the AJC Forum to better discuss the Gift Guide. I’ll set that up by the weekend.

  6. Excellent idea and perfect for those who have taken the Handmade Pledge this holiday season too!

  7. Fantastic concept! Great going guys!

  8. Thanks everyone! I underestimated what a huge undertaking this project would be. I am happy to announce that the Bracelets Section and Earrings Section are now complete! 😀

  9. Terrific idea and a great job – aesthetically with your choice of jewelry and technically with the layout. Did you use tables to get them all to line up nicely like that? If you did – yeow! That’s a lot of coding! Bravo!!! :o)

  10. Thank you! Thank you!

    I did indeed use tables. But the beauty of WordPress is that I didn’t have to write any code. They have a WYSIWYG Editor, so I just created a blank table in MS Word and then copied and pasted that onto the blog. All that was left was to upload the images and input the text!

    Still, it was time consuming to get the images to flow but I think it looks pretty darn good! 😀

  11. I love the idea of the gift guide and the different catagories. Sorry I have not been available to do too much. Kelliope you did a fantastic job.

  12. trying to get my correct name to show

  13. Hey, I’m part of the AJC too, but I don’t show up here, so I thought I’d add my shop here too.


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