Adornments by BJ

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BJ, creator of Adornments by BJ, was once a retiree with too much time on her hands.  When she moved to Tennessee, her husband promised to build her a stained glass studio… 11 years later that still hadn’t happended.  

Needing an avenue for her creativity, she took up jewelry-making.  She initially bought a starter kit for her grandaughter, but she seemed to be disinterested, so BJ decided to try it herself.  Well, now it’s an obsession, passion, and a great artistic outlet. She has probably spent more on jewelry making than what her glass studio would have originally cost!  She never realized that that this endeavor would be so time-consuming, yet stimulating and fun nevertheless. 


2 responses to “Adornments by BJ

  1. Hi Bonnie
    Wanted to thank you again for letting me stay with you kids.
    I love my necklace and have posted your card on our OR board.
    Hope weather is back to normal for TN.
    Say hi to Bob.

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