Charmed I’m Sure

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Ok, I admit it … I love to MOODLE which is to do what makes you the happiest, and do it when the mood strikes!  As a retired teacher of 34 years, I am happily doing all the art I had no time to do during my career.  While I still teach online 5 hours every weekday (the way I planned it ~ in my pajamas without starting my car!), I am able to happily pursue forms of art that have appealed to me for many years. 

Some of my other interests include quilting, purse-making, mixed & altered media, traveling to visit my three sons & grandchildren (who are scattered all over the world), community & library volunteer work, & of course, making art! 

Most of my inspiration has come from nature and also the artists with whom I have taken classes at The Queen’s Ink in Savage Mill, Maryland, and also at several Art & Soul retreats in Portland, OR and Hampton, VA.  My most-loved artists are Jane Wynn, Stephanie Lee, DJ Pettitt, Catherine Moore, Linda & Opie O’Brien, Tim Holtz, and Sally Jean Alexander.  My favorite materials to use are metals, fabrics, resin, paper, and found objects. 

I especially love to promote art by sharing my knowledge with others when the opportunity presents itself.  I am proud to say that I have recently bridged the gap from being “a dedicated collector of art supplies” to “fledgling artist!”


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