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Okay, so what would you like to know about me?  I’m a culinary trained chef.  When I had my daughter I needed to continue to be creative since I had ‘retired’ when she was born.  I thought taking a class on jewelry making would be fun, at least I could make some gifts for people – since I had all this time on my hands.  (If you’re a stay at home mom you know that just isn’t true!)  But seriously, I wanted something that I could do that I could be creative with and the jewelry seemed to be just the ticket for me.  I took a class on stringing and was bored with that in a week.  So I took a class in PMC and was hooked!  In the last 6 months I’ve taken classes in traditional metalsmithing and am also hooked! 

Everything in my store is handmade by me.  I do let you know what kind of metal I’ve used in every piece I make.  I strive to learn something new about this world of metal everyday – and thats not easy with a 3 1/2 year old running about. 

My work is not perfect nor do I want it to be.  If you want perfect you’re in the wrong place. I want it to be natural and every piece I make I would wear myself.  My skills are still growing and so I will add new and exciting (to me at least) pieces from skills I’m working on daily. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me introduce myself. If you ever have any questions I’m happy to answer them if I can. 

Cherry Creek Designs


2 responses to “Cherry Creek Designs

  1. Hey, I was intrested in one of your necklaces. The “my love forever”. My girl like Tiffany and that actually looks like it but actually better. Please let me know the pricing and when it can be done by. Thanks

  2. Also perhaps a broken heart charm. Something like the Juicy couture pair, if you want to look at the website. Something just like that but a creative touch. Something a little different. Please get back to me and let me know.

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