Cyndie Smith Designs

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I am a former healthcare executive with a background in sales and marketing. Over the years I have played in many artistic genres including pottery, painting, crafting, and weaving. Though I have an art degree from Ohio State University, I never really had a chance to put my skills to use until 4 years ago. I attended a metalsmithing class at a local art center, and the moment the torch hit the metal, I was hooked. I have studied metalsmithing on an ongoing basis, traveling all over to attend classes of some of the best metalsmiths in the country. It is my hope that my studies show in my continuous evolving style. I live in Florida, have 1 new granddaughter, and when not practicing my craft, spend most of my time on our boat.


One response to “Cyndie Smith Designs

  1. Hi, Cyndie! How’s this for a blast from the past?
    I was thinking about you recently, thought it would be great to get in touch with you, so I googled you. Knew from the above description this had to be you. Congrats on your new granddaughter… I have a 12 yr old son. If you’d like to catch up, please give me a call on my cell, 772-240-5848.

    Best Regards,

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