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Autumn Smith is the creative spirit behind Designs By Autumn Jewelry. She has been designing jewelry and perfecting her craft for almost 10 years in her Nevada home based studio.  Her designs are inspired by the compelling beauty found in the elements of nature and brought forth by her hand and heart. 

Autumn is passionate about working with only the finest faceted briolette and rondelle specimens of rare and precious gemstones.  A perfectionist at heart, each design is carefully thought out and executed in precious metals.  Because so much thought, time, and energy goes in to every piece, each one is named like a wearable work of art.  Her jewelry is always made to be easy to wear and treasured for a lifetime.

When not pursuing new designs, Autumn enjoys spending time with her children and husband.  She loves to inspire her kids to be creative and exposes them to as many diverse art mediums as possible.  To Autumn, art is not just a subject, but food for the soul that should be enjoyed by all who embrace it.


2 responses to “Designs By Autumn

  1. Of course Autumn doesn’t go on to add that each piece of jewellery she creates IS an artform in itself. The sheer high standard of her craftsmanship is breathtaking, and the beauty of her designs -which cannot be appreciated in a photograph, you have to hold them and be “hands-on” to really get the full effect – is quite simply stunning.
    My only problem with her jewellery? deciding which piece to wear each day – some days I have to change half way thru the day!!!
    I can honestly say that if you can only try one piece of jewellery from this site, then if you get one of Autumn’s pieces you will be completely thrilled with it. I know I always am:)
    Lovely Jewellery created by a lovely person -if you shop with Autumn her sheer willingness to help will astonish you.
    A genuine Gem.

  2. Autumn’s work is incredible!! I have purchased three of her creations (2 sets of earrings, and a bracelet), and while I had high expectations between purchase and receipt, when my treasures arrived I was simply blown away. The incredible detail, the precision and fluency of each design, the incredible quality of the materials – far surpasses the level seen in almost every other jewelry purchase I have ever made.

    Autumn’s integrity when crafting each piece is so evident. You simply cannot go wrong with buying from DesignsByAutumn – her work will be treasured and cherished far more than other pieces in your collection. I can attest to that personally!

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