Dew On A Petal

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Dew On A Petal is a home-based freelance business located in Manhattan where I have made my home for the last four years.  Some day I plan to make my way back to the country where I can grow my herbs and vegetables once again.  But for now, I love NYC and I think I’ll stay awhile.  

I earned a degree in art with a concentration in silk-screen printing, however I also received my first taste of the fiber and jewelry arts.  I continued my studies in Art History as a graduate student at the Univsersity of Pittsburgh.  Although I never completed my graduate degree, I have acquired a lifelong appreciation for the fine arts.  I later learned lampwork beadmaking and jewelry techniques at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. 

If I should ever happen to get bored, I also do thread crochet, machine knitting on my two machines, sew, make candles, and assemble herbal and dried wreaths, which was my first business as Dew On A Petal.  Occasionally I actually cook, and especially enjoy making sushi and other exotic Asian dishes.  I am also a collector of vintage jewelry and accessories, as well as antique crochet books.  


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