Ethnic Expressions

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Michele Letar-Murray (Ethnic Cultures) is a retired art teacher who has returned to her first love; jewelry.  Her career spans over 30 years, and began in the 70’s when Michele made all the costume jewelry for a major Jeans store when it started out West.  This company grew and the job became more than she wanted to take on. She then switched her focus to silversmithing and did shows for several years.  When Michele became a single mother, she went back to school and got her teaching degree.  She taught Elementary Art, as well as higher level Studio Art, Jewelry, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.  

Michele runs Ethnic Cultures, an online jewelry business that also offers home beading parties where she sells her beading kits.  These are her answer to a creative change from Tupperware.  Ethnic Cultures mixes her love of sculpture and fibers with her love of jewelry making.  She will soon expand her designs by adding handmade glass and clay beads.


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