Banner- Faerwear

Dori (Faerwear) is from a crafty family, but wasn’t raised to believe it could put food on your table. After her last job became an economic victim, she spent her first sunny, unemployed day cruising the flea markets in downtown Manhattan, stopping to admire a booth of imported jewelry from India, Nepal, Bali, and other beautiful, far-away places.  Fifteen minutes later, Dori accepted a job, crawled under the table and began a new path.

Amidst it all, that thought that eventually hits so many of us got her, too: ”I could make this.”  As if fate accepted, men from those far-off places began appearing at our booth with duffel bags full of gemstone beads.  Was she interested in anything?  Never one to ignore a sign, Dori delved in, beginning a business that put food on the table until she felt the desire to hit the road and experience a freedom life in New York did not give. 

Faerwear was born out of Dori’s travels and in the voices that speak to her in the natural splendor she continues to seek out for inspiration.  She strives for individuality and uniqueness in her work, and hopes that those who wear Faerwear jewelry will feel the expression in it not just as a beautiful, fashionable accessory but also as a link to the natural world. 

Currently, Dori’s backpack is enjoying a rest while she settles down to study more Spanish, silversmithing and stone cutting in North Carolina.



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