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jaja (pronounced Zsa-Zsa)

Joy Ann and Janice Ann are jaja. We are two former school teachers who just love accessories. If ‘clothes make the man’, then ‘accessories make the woman’. We pride ourselves on working with only the finest materials available: sterling silver, murano glass, dichroic glass, swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and vintage beads and buttons.

Janice, who loves to sew, especially by hand, has a passion for seed beading with beautiful embellishments. She loves the needle and thread and creates exquisite jewelry art–one of a kind bracelets and necklaces.

Joy’s love of music, art and architecture can be seen in her one of a kind creations. She has a passion for wire wrapping, working with pliers, and searching for the next unique element with which to create something beautiful. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with careful attention to form, shape and color detail.

We are especially gratified when we can take the usual and twist it to create the more unusual and unexpected.  We hope that you will enjoy wearing our artful creations as much as we enjoy creating them.

Be happy!
Joy and Jan



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