Jorgensen Studio

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Joanna Jorgensen (Jorgensen Studio) is a potter who wandered into precious metal clay and then finding that limiting, decided to take silversmithing classes at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.  She fell in love with gemstones and with metal.  She ventured on from there to a local Gem & Mineral Society in Palm Beach County, Florida and learned how to cut stones. Joanna is still a member to this day.

Joanna’s first love of pottery kindled her love to play with fire in the Raku process, and silversmithing has pushed it further with the use of a torch.  She still enjoys both working in clay and metal and exploring the differences between the two mediums.  Luckily, she lives way out in the boonies with her family and chickens, and her neighbors find it perfectly normal to have a burning pile going.  They just don’t know hers usually has clay at the bottom!


3 responses to “Jorgensen Studio

  1. terah macinnes

    hi momie i googled u i love u and hope u get better!

  2. no!

  3. Kristine Harder

    Do you do bulk orders?

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