jQ Jewelry Designs

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My name is Jill Quisenberry (jQ jewelry designs).  I live in Atlanta, where I work in my sunny studio, creating jewelry that is classic . . . with an edge.  As a teenager, I loved to go through my mother’s costume jewelry, experimenting with the pieces she no longer used.  I’d take it apart to create something new and better, calling the process “design & refine”.  Admittedly, there were plenty of times  I didn’t confine that creative process to only the things that she’d cast off.  After earning a Business degree with a concentration in Retailing, nobody was surprised that I went on to became a fashion jewelry Buyer for a large group of department stores.  When my husband got transferred, I decided to break out on my own.  After creating my cozy sun room studio, jQ jewelry designs was born!  Now it’s such a pleasure to choose exactly the materials that I want to use, without being confined to recycling my mother’s used beads.  But, I wouldn’t change those initial seeds of inspiration for anything. 




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