Banner- Kelliope 

New York native Kelli DeNise is the creative force behind Kelliope handmade nyc.  As a child, equal to her love of playing dress up was her love of art and design.  Kelli loved to spend hours with her sketch pad, beads, and fabric scraps fashioning outfits and accessories for her growing doll collection.  She idolized Coco Chanel and dreamed of being an entrepreneur even before she could spell the word.  The idea of starting with raw materials, constructing a finished garment, or piece of jewelry, and then having someone pay to wear your designs has always captivated her.  


Today, Kelli is still a perpetual creator; always sketching, always mentally mapping her next project.  She started Kelliope handmade nyc as an outlet for her overflowing imagination.  The Kelliope style references Kelli’s passion for travel, art, and the history of dress.  Utilizing many materials including semi-precious stones, leather, shell, and metal, her accessory designs are bold, modern, and beautiful; perfect for the woman who loves artful details and “dressing up.”    


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