Mango Tango

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A chance visit to a dollhouse shop in the Cotswolds many years ago turned out to be a collision with destiny for me. I was instantly and completely besotted with the tiny world I saw. I began creating 1/12th scale potted plants and flowers with increasingly precise detail and became known for the miniscule buds and teensy branches I delighted in adding to my pieces.

Decades later, I discovered the joy of creating my own jewelry and a much larger, though no less detailed, world opened up for me — to my enormous delight! The most enjoyable part of making jewelry for me is including the same level of minute detail — everything from combining intricate textures to molding the tiniest of seashells — that I gave to my work in scale miniatures. Echoes of my intense love for botanicals, miracles from the sea and lots and lots of texture still exist in my work even though the medium has changed.

My favorite quote is still this from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: “Art in the blood is liable to manifest itself in the strangest forms.”

I am a Certified PMC Artisan, a Fellow member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and a proud member of Etsy’s Art Jewelry Collective (AJC). SRAJD member #883.


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