McFarland Designs

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McFarland Designs, headed by Tamara McFarland, is a small artisan business based in Humboldt County California. Tamara is continually inspired by the natural beauty of her environment, where the redwoods meet the Pacific Ocean. 

The idea for her business was born while she and her husband were waiting to bring home their new son from Guatemala. She was looking for a career change – something tactile and creative that would also allow her to work at home. During the long months spent waiting for the adoption paperwork to be completed, she received photographs of Carlos, her son-to-be. She kept him close to her heart by wearing his photograph in a necklace. 

That keepsake inspired Tamara to start a photo jewelry business, which soon blossomed into something more. Through learning new jewelry-making techniques, her creativity and excitement grew and she began adding many other styles to her collection- something to suit just about anyone. Tamara focuses on creating jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also meaningful to the wearer. Like her original idea for photo jewelry, it is Tamara’s goal to create a truly unique and heartfelt piece that will be treasured for years to come.     


One response to “McFarland Designs

  1. hi i tried emailing you through etsy for a ring order not sure if it went through so thought i would try here. i am looking to order your ring with floral design and california stone in a 6.5 for a christmas gift if possible. thank you

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