Etsy Banner- MetamorphosisMetals 

North Carolina native, Sonya Coulson, discovered her calling after a professor urged her to take a metal design course.  Up to that point she intended to major in graphic design, but after reading the metal course description, she decided to sign up.  Sonya immediately fell in love with the medium, and in 2001 she graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in studio art with a concentration in metal design. After earning her degree, Sonya worked for a short time repairing jewelry, then took a full time job in retail management.  In the evenings and on her days off Sonya creates a line of production jewelry that she recently began marketing under the name Metamorphosis

The name is symbolic of Sonya’s fascination with the various changes that objects undergo during the process of aging and decomposition.  In her work, she explores visual representations of this breakdown through the use of texture and materials.  Sonya is intrigued by the relationship between organic and industrial objects, and the contrast between clean simple surfaces and heavily textured surfaces that she develops through the use of hammers, punches, and heat.  Various found objects are often incorporated in an effort to give a newly created object a sense of history.  The mix of metals, textures, and materials add dimension and interest without the use of color.      


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