Precious Meshes

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Emily Conroy (Precious Meshes) has lived in the Philadelphia area all her life.  Since she was a little girl she has always enjoyed fooling around with jewelry, collecting it, taking it apart and putting it back together (or breaking it).  Emily relished trips to the bead store and high school metalworking classes, but always just for fun until she started working in a boutique that sold jewelry made by local artists. This encouraged her to make and sell simple, then more complex pieces of jewelry as she kept learning and trying various techniques. 

Then Emily discovered wire crochet. Its patterns and possibilities have become her ongoing fascination. Interlocking loops of wire can be formed into innumerable structures, flat or 3-dimensional, dense or sheer, chunky or delicate. Combined with gemstones and pearls, stitches of silver and gold are built upon themselves to form something unusual and beautiful. It is a source of tremendous satisfaction for Emily both to create these wearable structures and to share them with others.


One response to “Precious Meshes

  1. I’m absolutely fascinated by your talent and have been desperately trying to find out more about wire crochet. Can I ask you where I could find out more about it. I would love to learn who to do some of the simpler things. Can you give me any ideas. Thank you so much.

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