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rob and lean- mixed metal & gemstone ringThe work of 24 jewelry artists of the Art Jewelry Collective will appear in print in October, December, and March issues of Ornament Magazine. Ornament is one of the leading magazines devoted to upscale wearable art. October’s issue will mugwumps earrimgsalso be distributed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, as well as SOFA Chicago. December’s issue will be circulating in the Tucson market during the annual show circuit; one of the biggest events of the year for the jewelry trade!



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The Art Jewelry Collective
Holiday Gift Guide

This season, give your loved ones the heart-felt gift of handcrafted jewelry. All of the pieces in our curated Gift Guide are artisan-made with meticulous attention to detail. We’ve taken the care to bring you the very best of the Art Jewelry Collective.

nina gibson - dress me up cuff

Fall Foliage

Each autumn, Mother Nature puts on quite a show before the winter hibernation.  The weather becomes brisk, the trees explode with color before the whistling wind blows them bare.  These four artists drew inspiration from nature and captured the delicate beauty of fall foliage.  Click on the images for more info.

thats headley- Olive Branch Tree of Peace NecklaceOlive Branch Tree of Peace Necklace – That’s Headley!

Features a wire-wrapped mosaic tree pendant in olive jade (natural serpentine), citrine, bronze-colored freshwater pearls, and oxidized sterling silver. The trunk of the tree suggests a peace symbol, and of course, the olive branch is the offer of peace to all.


mango tango - HydrangeaHydrangea – Mango Tango

Features a fine silver Hydrangea leaf impression, sparkling labradorite briolette, and sterling silver chain.

beth pohlman - silver pine needle earringsSilver Pine Needles – Beth Pohlman

These are made out of sterling silver sheet that had been rolled and shaped by hand. They have oxidized ear wires to contrast against the silver body of the earring.

elements by dawn - Oxidized Sterling Silver, Ceramic Leaf Necklace and Earring EnsembleOxidized Sterling Silver, Ceramic Leaf Necklace and Earring Ensemble – Elements by Dawn 

Set features highly detailed and lightly glazed ceramic leaves in shades of light brown and green. The leaf pendant is suspended from a leather cord.  All metal has been oxidized including the handmade sterling silver earwires. 

A Flavorful Recipe for Fall

2007-fall-color-forecast.jpgCurry, chili pepper, plum wine, coffee, pumpkin and kale.   These flavorful ingredients represent the tastes and complex color palette of fall.  If the 2007 forecast is correct, this will be a rich and deliciouly spicy season.  

Below are some perfect picks from the Art Jewelry Collective that will warm up your wardrobe as autumn ushers in cooler temperatres.  And be sure to check out Pantone, the color forecasting authority for more information on all the colors for this season




left to right: McFarland Designs, Realisation Creations, Adornment by BJ

The Madness Continues…

The Art Jewelry Collective’s Earring Maddness continues through the month of September.  Our Etsy shop is stocked with an array of earrings.  If you like silver, copper, pearls, or colorful beads, you’re bound to find something that is sure to please! 

Shop now: http://ArtJewelryCollective.etsy.com

Mayan Priestess-Earrings by Giftbearer

The Curious Lore of Birthstones: Sapphire


sapphire crystal

Sapphire is the official bithstone for the month of Septmeber and the Zodiac signs of Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Sagittarius.  It is given for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, which the star sapphire is given on the 65th wedding anniversary. 

In ancient Latin, it was called “Sapphirus,” meaning the Stone of Saturn.  And although sapphires glimmer like the heavens, this earthly gem is commonly found in the south Pacific.  The island of Sri Lanka, nicknamed “Gem Island,” has been an important source of sapphires, rubies and other gemstones for over two thousand years.  Sapphires from the island typically range from light to medium blue and have been cut weighing up to several hundred carats. 

sapphire tundra jewelry necklaceAlthough blue is by far the most popular and well known color for sapphires, they can be almost any shade including green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, white, and colorless.  Padparadscha is the name for the rare orange-pink variety and has a higher value than blue sapphires.  Another precious variety is the color changing sapphire, which shows different colors in different lights- blue in natural light, and violet in artificial light.  A similar effect is also seen in alexandrite.  On the other end of the price range are yellow, orange, lavender, and other pastel shades, which are especially affordable. 

Heating colorless and very pale blue sapphires to high temperatures is done to give them an intense blue color.  This treatment can also improve the clarity of the stones by removing tiny inclusions.  But not all inclusions are bad.  Tiny rutile needles have an optical property called asterism.  This is the star shaped effect seen in star sapphires and is usually only seen in cabochon cuts.

The first synthetic sapphires were in 1902 and is hard to tell from natural sapphires except by professionals.  The price of lab grown sapphires differ quite a bit, and smaller stones are frequently used in less expensive jewelry. Continue reading

Go Mad for Earrings!

silver dragon earrings black diamond sea green

You Are Cordially Invited to the

Art Jewelry Collective’s Earring Madness Promotion!

During the months of August and September, the group Etsy shop is featuring all kinds of earrings for your shopping pleasure! 

Go to http://ArtJewelryCollective.etsy.com

GO MAD and BUY NOW!  Lots of exciting styles to choose from!  

 jewelry by cher earrings sapphire swarovski chandelier